Our Mission
To build the most comprehensive decentralized community for fans and celebrities to connect and interact via innovative channels.

Our Celebreneur platform promotes micro-commerce, incorporating Consumer to Consumer (C2C), Business to Consumer (B2C) and Online to Offline (O2O) strategies to support aspiring entrepreneurs. Celebreneur platform also aims to develop streamlined shopping experience for consumers through innovative payment processes. What makes Celebreneurship unique is our partnership with renowned global celebrities who will help draw customers and fans from all around the world.

The Acclaim Voucher is Celebreneur’s core product, a universal redeemable voucher for mobile application utilities, celebrity merchandises, digital tokens and other celebrity-related products and services.

Marketing Parter of GCOX Exchange
World’s First Decentralized Celebrity Economy
Leverage Celebrity’s Influence to build your business
Exlcusive Access to Privent Events and Money-Cant Buy Experiences
What are Celebrity Intellectual Property (CIP) Assets?
Celebrity Intellectual Property (CIP) Assets is the assetization of Celebrities’ popularity and influence, benchmark by fan demand for all Celebrity related news, content, events and products.




One example would be Celebrity Tokens. As the celebrity’s popularity grows, it will be reflected on their token as the increase in fanbase leads to higher demand and utility for the token.